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Sullivant is also home to the Columbus REACH  Autism Program. The mission of Columbus REACH is to provide the children  and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) living in the  Columbus City School district with a comprehensive instructional program  based on best practices for students with autism. Educational  environments at Columbus REACH are designed to foster optimal growth  across all domains by capitalizing on students' strengths while  supporting the unique learning and behavior challenges faced by  individuals with ASD.

Dr. Mary Salmon serves as the Program Coordinator and Melissa Parker is the Psychologist assigned to REACH.  Additionally, support services such as Speech, OT and PT are provided when deemed appropriate and according to students' IEPs.   REACH provides early intervention and supports for students and their families.  The program consists of a morning and an afternoon Half Day PreSchool Room, a Full Day Preschool Classroom, and a Kindergarten Classroom.  Each class has a teacher and two instructional assistants, providing a teacher pupil ratio of  1:2.  Students who live within Columbus City Schools attendance area are assigned to REACH through the Special Education Office. 
Principal - Lisa Stamos
(614) 365-6524  |   791 Griggs Avenue Columbus, OH 43223
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