Elementary School
Academic Brief

Sullivant focuses their instruction on improving student achievement, while meeting the various learning styles of our students. Teachers follow the district's curriculum which is based on State Academic Content areas. Additionally, we focus on using various data sources to determine and provide intervention to meet the needs of all students. Second Step Violence Prevention curriculum is taught weekly in every classroom, which helps to build a positive classroom environment where students learn to get along with each other.

Sullivant is also home to the Columbus REACH Autism Program. The mission of Columbus REACH is to provide the children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) living in the Columbus City School district with a comprehensive instructional program based on best practices for students with autism. Educational environments at Columbus REACH are designed to foster optimal growth across all domains by capitalizing on students' strengths while supporting the unique learning and behavior challenges faced by individuals with ASD. Please visit the link Columbus REACH for more information regarding the Columbus REACH program.

Academic Support

Sullivant follows the District Reading Curriculum which includes a Core Instructional Block of Uninterrupted Reading Instruction.  Our students have the opportunity to participate in CAP CITY KIDS, as part of Mayor Coleman’s after-school learning/tutoring program daily from 3:40 pm – 6:00 pm.   Franklinton Area Tutoring, CRANE Reading buddies and intervention tutors further support our students' academic progress.   Sullivant Elementary also partners with Columbus State Community College to provide after school support and tutoring for our English as Second Language Learners. Teachers use on-going formative assessments to monitor student progress and provide intervention and enrichment.


Our curricular areas consist of reading,  language arts, math, science, social studies, health, art, vocal/instrumental music, and physical education. All students use computer technology. Classrooms can utilize our computer lab as well as the computers in each classroom.

Homework Information

Teachers routinely assign homework. It is expected that these homework assignments will be completed by the date they are due. Provide a quiet area at home for students to complete assignments. We strongly encourage students and parents to read together every night. If you have any questions regarding your child's homework, please contact the classroom teacher.

Principal - Lisa Stamos
(614) 365-6524  |   791 Griggs Avenue Columbus, OH 43223
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